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Our Purpose

To provide services that aim to empower individuals and communities to increase their knowledge and control over the quality of their physical health, mental health and social well-being. We will achieve this by being responsive to both individuals and community needs and continually improving the quality of the services we offer.


Who we are

We are an Ashburton community based NGO (Non Government Organisation) established in 1988 by a group of local community members concerned about the lack of Alcohol & Other Drug Services in our District. The Clinical and Public Health services were initially established on a part time basis, which grew in the following years as needs were identified and funding was sourced. ACADS now have a staff of nine people.


ACADS is governed by a voluntary community board of directors who are elected by ACADS members, at the Annual General Meeting.



What we do

  1. We promote community and personal well being through working with young people, public health programmes and by providing a supportive environment to prevent and treat problems arising from alcohol and other drugs.
  2. We pursue a comprehensive and balanced approach to alcohol and other drug issues by employing a wide range of effective strategies.
  3. We maintain a community focused and integrated team approach to our work; and while the skills required of clinical and public health differ, workers gain an appreciation and understanding of a broad range of strategies used to minimise alcohol & other drug problems in our community.
  4. Services are offered in a culturally appropriate and competent manner, ensuring that the integrity of each client's culture is acknowledged and respected.
  5. We work in partnership with other community organisations and agencies to achieve shared goals and objectives.
  6. We have a commitment to continuous quality improvement across all our activities.

    ACADS have a responsibility to ensure best practice in responding to alcohol & other drug problems and issues. The principle of harm minimisation is recognised as fundamental to all our strategic approaches and is the overarching principle that guides our work. Treatment options range from controlled use to abstinence.


    ACADS services are funded by CDHB, Ministry of Health and community grants. The services are FREE  to anybody in the Ashburton District.