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Adult Services

Find it difficult to stop drinking once you start?

Is your drinking causing you probems at home?

Is your drinking getting in the way of work?

Do you want to change?

Are people close to you worried about your drinking?

Would you like some information and advice on alcohol?


Want to talk to someone about your drinking?  We can help.  Give us a call 03 308 1270


When you drink too much it often causes a number of problems.

- If you drink to cope with stress, drinking can make the situation worse.

- Your life can start to revolve around the drinking.

- Your family can feel ashamed of your behaviour.

- There may be frequent arguments and even violence towards those around you.

- You may be having money and/or legal problems.

- Health problems can be a concern.

- Children may be affected and not getting the attention, care and protection they deserve.


What can YOU do?

Listen to what your family, friends and health professionals are saying and their concerns about you.


How do I make contact?

If you're looking for information or help for an alcohol or drug issue, for yourself or anyone else, then why not take that first step and contact us by phoning 03 3081270 or just drop into our service located in the ground floor of the nurses' hostel building, Ashburton Hospital, Elizabeth St Ashburton.

You are welcome to bring whanau/family members or a friend with you when you use our service.


What happens when I make contact?

When you contact us you will be allocated to a trained counsellor who will phone you to arrange an appointment. They will talk to you about your general health, your drinking or drug taking history and your current concerns. Your counsellor will talk about how they can help you and look at a plan to help you make the changes you need to make. This plan may include giving you information on support groups available in our community, making other appointments for counselling, referring you to a programme or referral to a residential treatment facility. We can also give you advice on other community support organisations and agencies.


How can I help my friend or family member?

We welcome calls from concerned friends or family members who may be concerned about someone else's alcohol or drug use. When you call we'll talk through your worries and concerns and offer you some strategies to deal with those concerns. We can help you find ways to help the person you are concerned about.


What are our hours?

Regular hours of service are; 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Evening appointments are available by arrangement.