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Public Health

To improve the health of the population by minimising harm from alcohol and other drugs.


Youth Alcohol and Other Drugs

The ACADS Youth Alcohol and Other Drugs project has been designed to reduce the impact of alcohol and other drug related harm among young people in the Ashburton District.


Activities include;

- Provision of interactive alcohol and other drugs workshops in local secondary schools – increased knowledge and

  understanding on safe partying among young people

- Co-ordinate After Ball organisation and implementation – engaging young people in safe partying habits

- Provide information for parents and young people about safe partying – better informed parents and young people about

  safe partying guidelines to bring about a decrease in alcohol and drug related incidents among young people.

- Support SADD activities

- Maintain links with the Ashburton District Road Safety Co-ordinating Committee.

- Youth Information Network – increased knowledge and understanding of young people’s issues in the Ashburton District

  and networks to address these issues.

- Parent packs – increased knowledge and understanding of alcohol and drugs for parents and young people, encouraging a

  responsible approach.

- CAAP (Community Alcohol Action Project) – Raise awareness of sober driving in the Ashburton District in an effort to

  reduce fatal and injury crashes in the Ashburton District.

- Support safe community public events – Methven Rodeo; reduction in offences, alcohol related injuries and intoxication



Liquor Licensing/Host Responsibility

Encouraging and monitoring host responsibility at Licensed Premises is an important role and provides an opportunity to reduce alcohol related harm.

Under the provisions of the Sale of Liquor Act 1989, the Medical Officer Of Health has a duty to enquire into host responsibility practices in Licensed Premises and along with police, inform the District Licensing Agency of any concerns. This enables work to be carried out with Licensees and their staff to develop good host responsibility policies and practices in Licensed establishments.


Training – we offer staff of Licensed Premises training sessions about host responsibility and ways to meet their obligations under the Sale Of Liquor Act


Resources – we provide resources e.g signage for Licensed Premises


Ashburton Alcohol Accord – we support and work with Licensed Premises under the Ashburton Alcohol Accord.


Other activities under Liquor Licensing/Host Responsibility include;

- Investigating applications for On and Club Licenses and preparing reports on behalf on the Medical Officer Of Health

- Supporting the liquor industry to achieve compliance through appropriate procedures and regular training and appraisal.

- Collaborating with other agencies to ensure regular monitoring of high risk Licensed Premises.

- Controlling the supply of alcohol by encouraging its responsible sale, use and promotion in Licensed Premises.

- Reducing youth access to alcohol through supporting and/or developing supply control and reduction initiatives.

- Working collaboratively with other agencies both formally and informally to promote strategies and procedures to reduce

  the prevalence of alcohol related harm.


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