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Plan before you party

Getting lost, falling over and breaking bones, drowning, being hit by cars or getting caught in a punch up - it's more common when you're wasted.  Stuff like this often occurs on your way to and back from a party destination (as if a hangover wasn't bad enough).


It's easier to avoid getting wasted than to deal with these troubles when you're legless, so here's some tips that might help;

- When you're planning to party, talk to your mates about; going as a group, sticking together at the party, where it is

  you're planning to go, how you're going to get there and back, how long you're going to stay, if you're going to drink,

  how much you're going to drink.

- Always have a back-up plan; the phone number of someone to pick you up if needed, money for a taxi.  Don't get into a

  car with a driver who has been drinking and avoid walking home alone.

- Tell you friends if you don't feel safe at a party and leave.  Don't ignore your gut feelings.

- Booze less; eat before you go out and during the night, drink water, soft drink or low alcohol beverages, drink from a glass

  and not out of bottle, monitor what you're drinking , know your limits and pace yourself.


Babysitting pissed mates

There's nothing worse than having to babysit a boozed mate.  As well as being an absolutely uncool look, out of control freinds can create dangerous situations.  Even when they stop drinking, they can chuck up all over the place, lose consciousness or choke to death on their own vomit.  They can also injure themselves and get beaten up and left behind.


Before they get drunk convince them to slow down (remind them you want the party to last!).  Shout them lower alcohol or soft drinks and water and encourage them to leave with you.


What to do in an emergency

You're having a cool time with your mates when suddenly one of them isn't doing too well.  Spun out from too much alcohol or dope or who knows what.  All you know is your friend is lying on the floor not looking well.


What do you do?

- Don't panic - you can help.

- If they are just off their face, stay with them and see they get home safely.

- If they are unconscious, not breathing or in physical distress (such as vomiting continuously) call an ambulance immediately

  by dialing 111. Never leave a person on their own if they've passed out and if they have stopped breathing apply CPR.

  If they are still breathing, lie them in the recovery position (on their side).

- Keep crowds back, open windows and loosen tight clothing.

- Use ice packs or cold water to cool them down if they seem very hot.


Don't delay because you think you or your friend will get in trouble - saving a life is the priority at the moment.


Once the ambulance arrives, provide them with as much detail as you can- how much your friend has drunk, what drugs they have taken, when they collapsed and any other relevant information such as if they have diabetes or epilepsy.  The more information you can give them, the better.